Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ray Horak & Buster Goff

I synced up with Buster some months ago. Margaret and I were headed to Leavenworth in Eastern Washington so we made a detour of 150 miles or so and met up with Buster and his lovely bride, Diana. We got a two-hour tour of the wineries and vineyards, drank a bunch of wine, bought a bunch of wine, had a great dinner and, in general, had a terrific time. Buster is as sweet and genuine a guy as ever and Diana is a real sweetheart.

APF a photo of Buster and me. Hope and trust all is well with you and yours! BTW we all plan to be at the next reunion. Hope to see you there!

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Bassham said...

Hey Ray, are those wine barrels empty? I mean, it sounds like you and Buster had a good visit!