Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mrs. Kincaid's 2nd Grade Class, Wilson Elementary


Do you recognize these Students? Many if not all went on to graduate from Ray in 1964.

Here are some clues:

34 Students. 1 of 3 Second Grade Classes the first year Wilson was opened.

Back Row: Sandy McGee, Sonny Castor, David Coover, Darrell Hammon, Benny Harrison, ?, ?, Mrs. Kincaid

3rd Row: Diana Davisson, ?, Judy Muckleroy, ?, Clark Williams, ? , ?, Linda Jo Robert(son), Barbara Giddle

2nd Row: ?, Ann Bowen, Susan Edwards, Sylvia Smith, ?, Helen Dawson, Diane Davidson, Lawren Ethridge, ?, ?

1st Row: ? , ?, ? , ?, David Gaines, ?, Michael Weil, John Ahrens

From Diane Davidson Olivo

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Cindy Johnson Nelms said...

In the very back row, fourth from the left is Dwight Johnson, my brother. He is the one standing that looks like his eyes are closed!